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Watersports Adventures

is a  family owned and operated business on Kauai. For the past 3 decades, we have provided the ultimate Scuba diving and snorkeling Adventures on Kauai. 

With our perfect safety record, your family could not be in better hands for the adventure of a lifetime.

Come explore our beautiful tropical reefs with colorful fish and amazing corals. The Hawaiian green sea turtles, dolphins,  seasonal whale songs, and the Hawaiian Monk seal are  the most likely highlights of your dive with us.

Watersports Adventures offers  guided snorkel or scuba tours and Padi certifications for all experience levels, from snorkel lessons and adventures, to first time  scuba divers, all of the way through divemaster level training. 

 Every day, we see spectacular colorful reefs, these dive sites are home to sea turtles, corals, and reef fish like the famous Hawaiian State fish:  the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a.  

If we are lucky, a  Hawaiian spinner dolphin, spotted eagle ray, or even a Hawaiian monk seal will swim by! 

We love the ocean and nature, it is our responsibility to minimize our impact and care of the environment. That is also why we only take small groups diving.