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Certified Diver (current and active)

1 or 2 tank adventures

Koloa Landing, Poipu or Tunnels Reef
at Haena, past Hanalei (possible spring 2019)

If you are an active certified diver, and are looking for some personal service, this adventure is you.

Slip into the beautiful waters of Kauai, Hawaii for an outfitted valet style guided adventure, where you may soar through schools of tropical fish, possibly encounter monk seals, white tip reef sharks, rays, and other various marine life, swim through lava rock arches, or visit green sea turtles  resting on the reef.

We often see dolphins  or can hear the beautiful songs of the humpback whales hanging out during the winter season.  Visit some of our “classic” sites: Koloa Landing, or Tunnels beach.  Sunny skies, or rain, the warm water, and an easy entry shore dive, (valet style) will make this trip a highlight to your Hawaiian vacation.

Join one of our dive professionals for a one or two tank guided shore dive along the coast of Kauai, Hawaii.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle

Kauai is a world-class diving and snorkeling destination with beautiful coral reefs, underwater lava formations,, and colorful reef fish. One of the highlights of your dive will be encountering the Hawaiian green sea turtle.

We will provide all of the dive equipment and gear, and lead you on an unforgettable underwater tour.

During the pre-dive briefing, we review the basics of safe scuba diving.
We will then go over the hand signals (for communicating in the water),then discuss any possible but unlikely emergency procedures.

Then, we will give a marine life orientation to describe the underwater terrain, the delicate reef, and discuss the creatures you will see during your dive, including the native endemic species (fish and marine invertebrates only found in Hawaii).

We will suit up, enter the water, and get comfortable breathing in the shallow end and practice some skills.

Then, the guided 45 minute adventure, breathing weightless underneath the water, and exploring the tropical reef, begins.