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Intro To Scuba


No certification Required

South shore at Koloa Landing in Poipu

North shore at Tunnels Reef Haena
Past Hanalei (possible spring 2019)


  • Non-certified divers (min. Age 10) instructor ratio 4:1
  • Mixed groups(if your party has certified and non certified and want to dive together) 
  • Refresher dive ( in-active, no dives for 2 or more years, certified divers).

If you are not certified, you too can Scuba dive.

This three part experience starts with the academic presentation, where you will be introduced to and learn  the 8 basics of scuba diving.

 During the pre-dive briefing, we will also go over the hand signals and emergency procedures, then, give a marine life orientation to describe the underwater terrain, the delicate reef, and discuss the amazing creatures you will see during your dive, including the native endemic species (fish and marine invertebrates only found in Hawaii).

The next step is your in-water practice session in the shallow end. Soon, your confidence will increase and your instructor begins to trust you. 

Then, the guided 45 minute adventure, breathing weightless underneath the water, exploring the tropical reef, begins. 

 All dives are led by a Padi Instructor, and are limited small groups of 4  per instructor. This will ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our divers.

Join one of our dive professionals for a one or two tank guided shore dive along the coast of Kauai, Hawaii – a world-class diving and snorkeling destination with  beautiful coral reefs, underwater lava tubes and formations, Hawaiian green sea turtles, and colorful reef fish. One of the highlights of your dive will be encountering the Hawaiian green sea turtle face to face. 

We will provide all of the dive equipment and gear, and lead you on an unforgettable underwater tour.